What do you want from a holiday?
The answer is really simple,everything!
The answer is just as simple,come to the beautiful town of Bodrum.
You want beautiful beaches and warm crystal clear sea to swim in? It’s here. Do you want interesting historical places to visit? It’s here. Do you want amazing places to visit from incredible natural wonders to incredible historical sites? It’s here.
How about nightlife? We have it all for you,traditional Turkish venues to modern European clubs bars and restaurants.
You want traditional Turkish foods and drinks? It’s available down almost every street from local cafes with locals eating , to the most beautiful up market venues you can imagine. And if your worried about local cuisine don’t worry , you have an immense choice of English , Chinese, Indian to choose from and food from around the world. The world is your oyster right here in Bodrum.
You want shopping and markets,well have no fear ,we have a marvellous range of shopping right here for you to spend time looking at, but leave space in your cases you will certainly want to buy incredible good quality fashion at remarkable prices.
Close to Bodrum we have the resort of Gumbet. Gumbet has everything anyone could want great food nightlife, shopping and the most wonderful beach, here the water is shallow perfect for children , no current to speak of and no tides to concern you, the warm clear water is shallow for many yards into the sea making it perfect for young families to enjoy the beautiful warm sea in complete safety.
Also to be found are many watersports, all on the beach but kept safe by booms in the water keeping swimmers and children safely in a secure area, everything has been thought of on this busy beach.
From both Gumbet and Bodrum, there are any amount of trips available, boat trips are a must , spending the day on a beautiful traditional boat, known as gullets,going to a number of wonderful areas, don’t forget to take some bread because as you drop anchor in any of the bays you visit,fish will come in abundance and it’s a most remarkable sight, a great day visiting a range of different bays including black island where you are able to go into a volcanic pool  that has very warm waters and even go inside a cave from where this warm water comes from, most fascinating.
If you fancy a quick day in Greece, there are hydrofoil you can travel on or more sedentary by boat ,a great day out for a very different day’s visit ,a very different resort island for you to explore.
If you wish you can take all day excursions to any number of  amazing places,from a traditional carpet making village where you can buy beautiful hand made Turkish carpets, learn the symbolism behind the carpets, there is so much more too Turkish carpet than you can imagine  learning what natural things make the stunningly beautiful colours that make up these perfect works of art , and the colours used by different areas of Turkey a great day out.
Far to many to tell you about here but so much and many different places to visit I mentioned just a couple.
Of course a Day spent in the beautiful Bodrum castle is another thing for you to consider.
Yes Bodrum really does have it all, young ,older ,families or couples whatever you could possibly want is all here in beautiful Bodrum. One other thing to know, there are no high rise buildings in Bodrum plenty of beautiful blue sky, a very beautiful and traditional holiday destination but which covers your every wish want and requirements,historical and completely modern carefully intertwined to make this a very special destination.
Hope to greet you soon.

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