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All bookings and excursions made through teslatravel.com & bodrumbrochure.com are subject to Legislation of Turkish Travel Agencies (Law no: 1618) and The Consumer Protection Law (Law no: 4077).

Visas & Passports

You will not require your passport or a visa for most of our trips & excursions.

The exception to this is for the day trip to the Greek Islands (Cos,Rhodes, Kalimnos). You will need your passport, with a turkish visa stamp that is valid for the time you are there.

Cancellations by you

If you decided to cancel your trip or excursion after confirmation from Tesla Travel, the following refunds will be issued:

1 month or more before your excursion/trip  

1 week to 1 month before your excursion/trip              

2 days to 1 week before your excursion/trip  

48 hours or less before your excursion/trip       

- 100% refunded

- 50% refunded

- 25% refunded

- sorry no refund

Cancellation of a excursion/trip by Tesla Travel

If for any reason, Tesla Travel has to cancel or re-arrange any of our excursions, we will let you know as soon as possible. If you are already in Turkey, we will send a message to your hotel. At this time we will refund only the total that was originally paid.

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